Sunday, March 14, 2010

"My Soul Wells Up With Hallelujah"

Everyone enjoys the sunshine.  When the sun finally comes out from behind the rain clouds we go outside to feel the warmth we've missed for so long.  Outside my window is a neighbor enjoying a cancer stick and spitting after each puff.  Oh the joys of agency.

Contrast that scene with Four Nelsons.  The first Nelson ran outside in a suit to go to church to pass the sacrament for the first time.  Following in the Saviors footsteps and reminding us that he came to serve us, and be an example to us, and to suffer what we suffer and much much more.  Bryce is the anchor, the last of the sons, of a three man relay race and the finish line is the temple.  The Second Nelson ran outside to give a talk on the purposes of the Aaronic Priesthood.  There are eight purposes.  Stephen was disappointed I wasn't going to be there.  I know he did a good job because when he is in situations like giving a talk or bearing his testimony, like he did last week, he puts his mind into it.  He is thoughtful in what he says.  The third Nelson is half way around the world thinking only of building the kingdom.  He is running outside to reflect the light of the Son on those who haven't felt it's warmth and have forgotten how good one feels when it fills your soul.  Michael feels it almost constantly and that feeling gives a person the strongest desire to share it with anyone and everyone, and you don't feel like your accomplishing your mission unless you are teaching, teaching, teaching, and bearing testimony.  Testifying that the warmth felt from head to toe as Michael teaches the gospel is the Holy Ghost witnessing the truthfullness of what he is teaching.  May your words warm the Aussie heart Michael.  The fourth Nelson ran outside to meet the Son in a haste because she forgot, as did I, we were suppose to set our clocks ahead last night.  Lisa's soul, I'm sure, was welling with Hallelujahs as she watched Bryce pass the sacrament and listened to Stephen's inspired words of duty and committment.  Lisa herself not to be sitting idling by but will be teaching young Latter Day Saint teenagers, whose brains are still not fully developed, the stories of faith in the Old Testament.

Why am I not joining this quorum of do gooders?  I have a cold and now I am going to go take some vitamin C, put on another sunday cd, and go back to bed.  My next blog I hope to write about what I thought about the musical Wicked.  Good versus evil?  No, not so simple.


  1. OH Honey, you always did have a way with words and I love you for it! Feel better and quit passing it on!

  2. Mike,
    you are a good writer. I liked reading your post...write more when you have time. You have a very very strong family. So happy to be in all your lives in you all in mine!